July 23rd, 2010


Friday Five

I spent time with Baby Alli and J.P. again this week.  She is sooooo close to crawling.  You can do it Alli!  Also on the baby front, my friend Tara gave birth to baby girl Kenly.  Welcome to world, Kenly!

I got a FABULOUS CD in the mail from LJ's finest:  jongibbs  It is brilliant. Thank you Jon for sharing your talents!

Last week when I was in the Library I checked out the  audio book The Gardener by S.A. Bodeen.  I decided I could listen to books any time I'm in the car, not just on long roadtrips.  Anyway, the book is interesting.  Kinda creepy.  I listened to a lot of it this week.  I met a friend/former co-worker for lunch.  She works in an office thirty minutes away, so it was win-win:  an hour of listening time and yummy food and great company.

I got more ducks lined up for private practice. I have one more week until I am officially running with it.  *bites nails*

I edited THIRTY pages in DC this week.  That is AMAZING!  But wait, there's more. I only have EIGHTY pages left to edit then I send it to my brave critiquers. But wait, there's more.  I actually LIKED my writing this week. It is a rare, fleeting experience. I wish I could bottle those positive emotion and spritz myself with it on those days marred by self-doubt.  Oh well . . . This week my MC got the location of the Diyari.  But someone was kidnapped.  We found out who has loose lips. And we found out someone's secret feelings aren't so secret.  I leave you with the song Storm by Lifehouse.  It captures where I left my MC this week. 

Hugs and Encouragement!