July 30th, 2010


Friday Five

First, I want to apologize for the sudden lack of presence this week.  I won't regale you with the negative whys, but I will regale you with the positives:

Two John's brought me to tears this week. Not sad tears.  Nope. Not even close. Total tears of laugher.  The first Jon, our very own [info]jongibbs, posted words of wisdom from his Gran. I laughed so hard . . .truly. I had to make sure EVERYONE I know saw it. So click on the link:  jongibbs.livejournal.com/110090.html  The second John, John Green, whom I totally have a crush on, had me in stitches. I read Paper Towns . . . man-ole-man . . . Mr. Green knows how to write witty dialogue.  If you have not read anything by him, you are depriving yourself of much happiness.  You must read something by him.  Seriously. Put it on your Bucket List.

I saw Baby Alli and J.P. this week.  Baby Alli is a girl after my own heart . . . she eyeballed my dessert like a true Foodie. How could she not be a Foodie with her genetic predisposition and me as her buddy?  And Thursday night I ate dinner with three great friends: Beta Numero Una, C.J. and J.S.  Margherita Swirls and laughter was had by all. 

On Wednesday, the private practice I am joining hosted a welcome mixer for me.  It was great meeting the other psychologists in the office.  We have much in common. Now all I need are clients.  Where to find clients. Hmmm?

I edited three chapters of DC this week. I have FIFTY pages left before I can have a BIG, FAT, RICH, YUMMY, SINFUL piece of celebratory cake. Then DC is off to the critiquers so they can bleed . . . I mean . . . give me suggestions.  I leave you with another song from the Diyari Chronicles Playlist: Bring Me to Life by Evanescence.  I promise this is the last depressing song on the playlist.  Next week I will have the fight scene song.  Yep, heads are about to roll . . . okay, no heads roll, but there will be death and explosions and a free fall. 

Hugs & Encouragement!