August 7th, 2010



Yep, it is that time of the month to check out my latest post on APEX:  and then explore the site for more great posts. Recent topics have explored creating alien languages, how to plan a book series, and how to torture your characters and not make them sound whiney. In short, some really great stuff is happening on the website.

Enjoy your weekend (after you check out Apex)
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Spreading the Love

TJ McIntyre a.k.a southernweirdo  received the ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD for his great short stories. If you have not read them, you are missing out.  Really.  Anyhoo, TJ picked up the gauntlet that accompanies the award and mentioned fifteen other bloggers he deemed worthy of the: ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD. I was one such person.  My icon and Friday Fives garnered the attention. For those who are new to my blog, I made the cake featured in my icon. All of it. Yes, even the icing. I decorated it in cake decorating class. I love butterflies and I love cake. That icon is me.  Anyway . . . I want to spread the love and mention the bloggers I think are wonderful and why. (The order means nothing, btw.)

1. annemariewrites  - for her great vlogs showcasing her guitar playing and vocal ability.
2. jimhines  - for his discussions and advocacy regarding rape and posts related to publishing
3. meredith_wood  - her posts about her family and writing tips
4. xjenavivex  - for being a great pimp . . . she is always showcasing her friends.
5. a_r_williams  - the best quotes on the internet, hands down and he is wise beyond his years
6. bogwitch64  - her posts about writing and her encouragements. (and she is just a beautiful person inside and out.)
7. brian_ohio  - for making me laugh. HARD. that man uses pictures to tell a story like an artist uses a paint brush to capture a moment.
8.jongibbs  - great discussions and the best wrangler of helpful writing posts
9. jmeadows  - for her knitting addiction (and her query project)
10. karen_w_newton  - if you want to know about ebooks, she is your woman
11.tracyworld  - the most beautiful pictures of birds on the internet
12. writerjenn  - great writing tips
13. m_stiefvater  - a well known author who provides great writing tips and funny posts
14. melissa_writing  - well known author who provides great writing tips
15. mtlawson  - posting the best kid and wife quotes (and he is just a great guy.)