August 9th, 2010


Monday . . .

My weekend of nothing turned into a weekend of BUSY.  I literally walked around half (okay, a third) of Norman finding stuff for a gift for a friend. Then I walked around the mall with Beta and her boys, Football and Book. It was tax free weekend, which means the mall looked more like a zoo after closing. Madness and Mayhem.  I did have fun in the LEGO store. I was shocked by the nude pictures in the Abercrombie & Fitch store. WTF?

But the highlight of my weekend was meeting fellow LJ'er, Dot, a.k.a. dotificus .  She used to live in this neck of the woods and was in town visiting family. We hung out at my second home, Border's. We talked books and writing and LJ. And while we were there I made another rent installment. Meaning I purchased more books . . .three books.  Don't look at me like that.  I had a coupon. 25% off my entire purchase.  I know. I know. Rationalizing. Hear me out. Apparently 80% of the kids I see for therapy have read the Gregor series by Suzanne Collins. I get brownie points for my knowledge of The Last Olympians and all the Pixar and Disney movies, but I get MAJOR scowls when I admit to zero knowledge of Gregor.  SO in order to help the young minds of tomorrow, I had to purchase the book.  The second book was for Beta's birthday (this up coming weekend). I would be a horrible friend if I failed to get her the book she yearns for.  The final book  . . .  Dot made me buy it.  Okay that is a TOTAL lie.  She suggested it, and told me not to feel pressured to buy it.  It doesn't take much to convince me to buy a book. Anyhooo, enough of the rationalizing.  

And now I face another week. I FINALLY have a client scheduled. Whooohoo! Now I just need 24 more. But it is all about baby steps.

I had a post for today . . . I know this is a post, but I wrote one with more purpose. I will post it tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
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