August 20th, 2010


Friday Five

I attended two orientation meetings this week. (Next week I start teaching three college classes.) No, the meetings were not celebration worthy. Trust me. The free dinners at the meetings were. Free food! Free food!

I kinda sorta figured out a form for medicaid. Now all I have to do is get it in the computer and get them to pay me for my session.

I watched season three of Dexter. Geez! I really like that show.

I received a faboo book from a faboo friend. I'll start reading it this weekend. I can't wait. Speaking of reading . . . book club is tomorrow night (whoohoo!) and for the first time I did not read the book (boo!). I just could not get myself to turn past page 50. I just couldn't do it.

I have been so busy with preparing lectures and syllabi and meetings this week, I did not edit much on The Collector, so I got no real news on that front. Next week I will have somethin. Promise. But I want to leave you with a song that I totally adore. I want someone from So You Think You Can Dance to choreograph a contemporary dance to it: Your Love Is A Song by Switchfoot . . .