August 27th, 2010


Friday Five

1. I read Mockingjay, the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy. Sweet baby Jesus, it was good. Now, regular viewers of my page know that I have a crush on John Green, YA author of Looking for Alaska, Abundance of Katherines, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, etc.) John and his brother Hank have a channel over on YouTube called Vlogbrothers. (It is Fabulous!) They post a vlog M-W-F. And about one month ago they forgot to post a Friday vlog. I forgave them because I knew they were at VidCon, a conference they created for vloggers. But they wanted the public to vote on their punishment for failing to post.  Hank did his punishment this week. He had to do a make-up tutorial (as in HOW to apply make-up).  He chose Katniss Everdeen, protagonist for Hunger Games, for his inspiration. If you need a laugh, you must watch.  If you love the Hunger Games, you must watch.


2. I FINALLY get to teach today. The county office that answers background check requests was in NO hurry, so faculty had to cover my Monday and Wednesday class. So if you are reading this post between 9:00 am and 11:50 am CST on Friday, August 27, I am warping young minds.  (I have 42 more classes to corrupt and torture . . .  I mean, teach)


3. I have a second client.  


4. I had lunch with two friends (ex Health Department co-workers). The lunch was full of laughs and yummy food.


5. No work on The Collector. I know. I know. I can’t make this a habit. (It takes 30 days for something to become a habit, so I have 15 more days before you may to give me a stern talking to.)  Moving along. In honor of the first day of school for children all over the US, below is a snippet from chapter two of The Collector:


Root canal. That’s what comes to mind when I think of the first day of school. The pain of a root canal. At least, what I imagine the pain is like. I’ve actually never had a root canal. But I’ve been told it’s painful. How could it not be? Someone is ripping the root from your tooth. Just like someone is ripping the happiness from me when I step into a new school and curious eyes pass over me, sizing me up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only been the new kid once before. And I found my way okay. That doesn’t mean I like it.


Hugs & Encouragement!