August 30th, 2010



I was at Border's on Saturday, tyring to decide on a classic book for the Book End Babes to read in November. It is my turn to pick the book and I chose the Classic "genre."  Anyway, as I was flipping through books and becoming overwhelmed by all the classics I have NOT read, I noticed something.  A LOT of the classics are imports. The authors are Russian, German, Polish, British, English, etc. Over and over my hand rested upon a treasured title, resting above a foreign name and seemingly complacent in a sea of American names.  It seems to me, however, the books added to the Classics "genre" in the past two decades, and the ones destined for the Classics "genre" are American.  Why?  (My perception could be wrong.)  I have my thoughts on why, but I pontificate enough. (Yes, I know this is my blog. Thus, pontificating is my right. But I want to hear from you.)  I suspect bondo_ba  may have some good insights on this, given past topics on his blog.)

What do you think has caused the shift from translating and importing classics to America to growing them in America?