September 17th, 2010


Friday Five

I got a fabulous gift from the crow that wears boots. You know how I love me some Twilight Saga stuff.  Well, bogwitch64  got me the Eclipse board game. It arrived just in time for the monthly Book End Babes meeting this Saturday. Our book club will be discussing Mockingjay.


Thursday night, John Stewart announced his Rally to Restore Sanity to be held at the Washington National Mall on October 30, 2010.  See here: Of course, Stephen Colbert had to counter attack: Rally to Keep Fear Alive.  You gotta love satirical archenemies. I am a firm believer that the fear mongering in this country has gotten OUT OF FREAKING CONTROL.


Election season ALWAYS provides laughs.  Watch this clip from John Stewart’s The Daily Show.  This candidate’s campaign slogan was denied.  Jon Oliver cracks me up.   (My favorite clip of the week. Runner up was the Tea Party's Christine O'Connell's clip suggesting masturbation is adultery.)


I started draft six of Diyari Chronicles. Yes, you read correctly. Draft six.  I know. Not so long ago--July something or other--I celebrated the completion of draft five.  I got feedback from my critique partner.  It needs some major work, but hopefully I’m up for the challenge. The amount of whining on my blog will let you know how I’m holding up.


Teaching is going ok.  I even managed to get my 10 am class to talk and participate.


Hugs & Encouragement!