September 20th, 2010


Question: Book Club

Hey flisters, I have a question.  A few months ago one of the Book End Babes (the book club I’m in) asked the group if the member picking the book for the month could pick a book they had already read.  What do you think about this idea?   If you’ve been in previous book clubs, what did you do?


Book clubs I've participated in encouraged NEW book selection because: 1) a major point of a book club was to be exposed to books outside your comfort zone, 2) I already suggested books I liked to friends, and 3) we all got to experience a new book together.


I suspect the fear of picking a bad book is driving the desire to pick a previously read book.  We’ve had two books that were not that great.  However, I learned things from those stories.


(Since the change, half the members decided to pick books they have already read.  That’s not bad…but it limits the discovery process.)




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