September 30th, 2010


A Brief Lament . . .

So I 've been working on DRAFT 6 of Diyari Chronicles.  Frolicking.  Giggling.  Rainbows and doves everywhere.  Enjoying the view.  Thinking up new chapters.  Developing the characters in fantastical ways.  (No. I am not taking medication.)  Not a moment of self-loathing or "what-the-heck-was-I-thinking?"  (No, I am not counting the moments. . .okay the hours, BEFORE I decided to start draft 6.)  And wait, there's more. I have allowed myself to think that maybe, just maybe, one day I will send Diyari to an agent. It has been a blissful month of revisions.

But bliss has just bumped into....

All good things must come to an end.

I am STUCK. 

But not in the "I have no idea what to write," kind of stuck.  Well, maye it is. Kinda. Sorta. But not really.  Here's the thing.  I know exactly what I need to change two chapters down the road, twenty five pages away.  Twenty-five important pages.  Twenty-five....  And I keep thinking up STUPID stuff to add to the current twenty five pages. Sure some stuff needs to change.  Just a few things.  But it has to match the changes i just made to the first half of the book.  The new and improved, makes me happy and creepier version.  But the stuff perculating in my brain ... ugh.  It's not in line with the characters' motivations. It feels contrived.  It's like my brain is on a coffee break . . . a four day coffee break.  And I HATE coffee.

AND to make matters worse.  I know. How can it be worse?  Trust me, it can be worse. Way worse.  I want to bake. I need to bake.  Baking is what I do when I am stuck.  But I don't have any eggs.  No freaking eggs!  It's my personal hell.  Okay, so I'm being a tad dramatic.  Well, not really.  I need brownies!

(P.S.  As I wrote this post, I scribbled down an idea that may move me.  Never mind this is the FOURTH idea I have thought up.  We'll see if this one sticks. later today... I'll give it a try, if I have time.)

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Friday Five

I have eggs!  I made brownies!!! Whoohoo! They are heavenly.

I finished my twenty hours of continuing education credits for my license renewal. I sat through TEN hour of ethics training and lived to tell the tale. (I only need three hours.)  I will give you the highlights of my ethics training.  Don't harm your clients. Don't sleep with your clients. (And don't stop seeing clients so you can sleep with them.) 

I'm istening to White Cat by Holly Black.  It's pretty good.  Only two discs left.

I love when a song I love shows up in a TV show or a movie.  But I knew about it before it made it big.  The Only Exception by Paramore was on Glee (the best show on TV.)  It is on my playlist for The Collector.

I FINALLY got unstuck.  Azer is moving along.  And Saul is up to no good.  I feel good about the changes.  Not a ponder or ho-hum lurking in my mind.  THANK YOU flisters for cheering me on. you guys rock!  *group hug*