October 8th, 2010


Friday Five

Monday morning I began listening to Her Fearful Symmetry by Niffenegger (such an unfortunate last name.) in my car.  As I drove along at about 65 mph, I noticed brake lights in all the lanes up ahead.  I slowed down, checked my rearview mirror to make sure people behind me were doing the same.  All was well.  Then out of nowhere a blue car rushes to my left side, swerves in front of me, continues to the right lane and into the on ramp.  The driver overcorrects and starts to fishtail back across the highway.  IN FRONT OF ME.  FAST. REAL FAST.  I gripped my steering wheel and braced myself.  She continued into the left lane.  The white SUV in that lane did not hit her.  The out-of-control car slammed into the cement wall, pieces of car spewed across the highway.  The driver appeared unharmed.  Her car…I’m gonna take a guess and say it’s totaled.  Me?  I was shaken (not stirred) for about 30 minutes after, but fine.  I was and still am EXTREMELY grateful.  That could have been one of those accidents that shuts down the highway for hours.  People say miracles don’t happen.  Oh. Yes. They. Do.


I have THREE clients. Three! Three!  AND I finally submitted my insurance claim for the one client I have been seeing. I will get PAID.  Whoohoo! Twinkies for everyone.  (It’s all I can afford, sorry.)


I got to spend time with baby Alli and J.P. this week.  Baby Alli has vampire teeth. Seriously.  Interestingly, she is not a vampire, nor is she going to be one for Halloween.


I received Monster War by Dean Lorey in the mail this week. Thank you brian_ohio !  I comment on your posts all the time because you make me laugh.  Thank you!


I have 100 pages left in my revision process for Diyari Chronicles.  I can’t believe how much the story has changed; yet, somehow remained the same.  I can’t give you a teaser from where I left my characters because it contains a spoiler. (There is an optimistic part of me that thinks this story could see the light of day.)  But I’ll give you this:  the bad guys just did something that many believed was impossible?  How did they do it?  My lips are sealed.