October 11th, 2010


Ten Stages of Revising

1. I will never revise this story again.  I’m done. I got nothing.  I’m spent.  I can’t look at it anymore.  Note to self: Buy a trunk.


2. Okay, so maybe I can clean up the dialogue in that one scene. It sounded very, “Hi, Bob.” “Hello Dan.”  “How’s the weather, Bob?”  I’m better than that.


3. Who The Hell has been in my story?  Look at all these typos.  Did I do this?  No way.  I’m better than this.  I think my characters danced with faeries and drank their “special” drinks when I slept at night.  I told them, “You can’t trust faeries.”  They NEVER listen.


4. Oh! This is good. This is really good.  I wrote this?  Wow! I kinda have writing skillz. 


5. I am so happy I decided to revise this again.  Did I really think I could walk away?  I love writing. I love this story. Gosh, I’ve learned so much.


6. WTF!?  I can’t figure out what to do with this scene.  Why is it even in this story?


7.What is the premise of my story? *bangs head on desk*  *groans*


8. Ah, back on track.  I was over thinking.  Again.  Note to self:  STOP OVER THINKING.  Didn’t I write that on a Post It the last time?  Note to self: Clean my writing area.


9. ALMOST. DONE.   I bet if I drank Red Bull and munched on No Doze I could crank it out in … oh… um…fast.  I can’t do caffeinated stuff.  I already run around like the Energizer bunny. Jeez, I’d kill myself?  *strokes chin*  If I died, I might get published out of pity.  Stop it! Stay focused.  This is soooo much better than the last draft.  My critiquers are going to love it. I hope. What if they don’t?   Hmmm?  I don’t know.  Stop it.  Stay focused.  I’m almost done. 


10.  Happy Dance. Eat cake. Sleep. Send to critiquers. (Not in that order.) 


(If you’re wondering, I am at stage 9 . . . 60 pages left.)


Do you experience any of these stages? 

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