October 12th, 2010


In The Spirit of Halloween . . .

I used to love horror movies.  I would jolt and squirm a little, but NEVER put a palm over my eyes or cowered into someone’s shoulder.  Now?  I am the biggest chicken around.  I can’t even watch the trailer to a horror movie.  The problem? My imagination.  I start to replay those sounds and images when I am at home . . . alone . . . (What's that?  Did you hear that?  Oh, it's my neighbor putting something in the garbage disposal. Can you put body parts in the garbage disposal?  Gosh, I hope not.)  I do have a few movies I can stomach whenever I get a hankering to make my insomnia worse . . .


5.  The Others.  I love a ghost story.  And I love a ghost story with a great twist. Old house.  Spooky woods surrounding it.  Two ill children.  Noises.  Creaks and groans in the night. 


4.  The Ring.  Okay, I get chills just thinking about the girl or thing or spirit crawling out of the television.  Hmm. I should get rid of my television.  I don’t know that I have borrowed a videotape since I saw this movie. (I just want you to know, I tried to upload the poster image for this movie . . . "internal error". . . kept coming up. It's odd that I can't upload the poster image for the movie that involves someone coming through the tv.  I'm just saying.)

3. Candyman.  When I was a young grasshopper, I had a Ouija Board, (Boy, I have some wild stories connected to that.)  I played Light as a Feather and Bloody Mary.  Fearless, I was.  I love this movie because it reminds me of being young and brave (or stupid) and totally freaked out.


2. Sixth Sense.  I love ghost stories. Always have. Always will.  Every time I pass by a building with a red door, I think, “There must be a ghost around.  Jeez, I hope it’s not me.”


1. Psycho (the original).  This movie is the reason I have a clear shower curtain.  If someone plans to break into my apartment and hack me to death, I at least want a few seconds to squirt my Bath N Body Twilight Woods bath gel at them. 


(Please note, I have never seen Exorcist. Each time I checked out the movie I got home and it was either 1) damaged or 2) a different movie.  I stopped trying to watch it, not wanting to rock the boat.)

Your turn, what are your favorite spooky movies? Come on, don’t be scared . . . it’s just me, no ghosts or psycho killers or 2 am television static.

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