October 13th, 2010


WOW! I Totally Missed That!

Apparently we had an earthquake today. And apparently it happened in Norman.  Near my apartment.  Mother Nature has taken an interest in Norman (recall tornado outside my door in May).  I was in the Oklahoma City, teaching. I felt nothing. I saw nothing moving. My students? ALL started freaking out. "Ms. Dickens, did you feel that?" "Ms. Dickens why is everything moving?"  "Are we having an earthquatke?"  My response?  "Is it April Fools?  You guys trying to be cheeky?"  Uh. No. There really was an earthquake. I've been told it was a 4.5. Correction, it's been upgraded to a 5.1.  HOW DID I MISS THAT???!!!! 

Life it Oklahoma is VERY interesting.