November 12th, 2010


Friday Five

Do you know what to day is?  It is a VERY special day.  The world is a better place today. No, not because it is Friday. That is great, don’t get me wrong. But this Friday is extra special because FINDER by Terri-Lynne DeFino is launched!!!! If you have not entered the drawing for the FREE copy of Finder, you must go here.


I signed my official hire letter for new job. December 20th I will back to the 8-5 grind. I hope I remember how to get to work by 8 am. Yikes!


One week away from Harry Potter!  *bites nails*


I worked out four days this week. Trust me, this is a BIG deal.


I revised 100 more pages of Diyari.  One hundred to go.  I had one head banging moment during the revisions.  It happens.  This is the teaser…


Saul slithered inside the man’s mind and delighted in the number of unfed desires.  Saul could nourish them.  He promised the man he would.


He did.


Saul had enjoyed twisting the man’s thoughts and reshaping his dreams and feeding his desires.  Each day Saul drank the man’s emotions, tipping him over more and more, slowly emptying him.  


Hugs & Encouragement!!!