November 16th, 2010


Pimpage: Gustavo Bondoni Is Orbiting . . .

Yep, more pimpage.  What can I say? My friends are prolific.  If you clicky here (Amazon) or here (Barnes and Nobles), you can order Tenth Orbit and Other Far Away Places, which is a book of short stories, written by bondo_ba , Gustavo Bondoni (At least, he is telling everyone he wrote it.  You never know with him.  Kidding!!)  I have no doubt Gustavo's brilliance soaked into each page.  Oh!  I failed to mention his stories are old-school science fiction. None of that sparkly vampires hijacking space ships stuff.  

Before you go to the links, you want to swing my Gustavo's page, here, and enter the contest for an AUTOGRAPHED and FREE copy of Tenth Orbit.  Then you can go buy one. Give your friend the non-signed one. Duh!  

Okay, go on. Why are you still here? Go on, get. 

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