November 18th, 2010


Friday Five

You gotta know what is number one on the list.  If you know me, you know.  HARRY POTTER!!!!!!  I will be watching it tonight with 7 fanatics. Woot! Woot!  My fanny will be sitting in the balcony of a state-of-the art theater. The seats have warmers.  Servers will bring me chicken nachos and a yummy shake. And I will disappear in a Harry Potter induced fog.  Oh happy day! (And Hank Green wrote a song in honor of Harry Potter.)



Book club is tomorrow night at my crib. I picked Dracula. I am eager to hear what the ladies have to say. I’m making breakfast because for some crazy reason they eat breakfast ALL THE TIME in that book.  I wonder if they had Bloody Mary’s with their breakfast delights.  Hmmm?


This was the final week of an eight week Bible study I attended.  The lesson was AMAZING!  All persons should hear this lesson on Grace. I think it would unlock the shackles of guilt and judgment, freeing people to love and be loved.


I saw Alli and J.P. this week. Alli is soooo close to walking. She won’t do it for me.  Stage fright and all. J


Another fifty pages revised, and fifty pages left of Diyari. Here is the teaser of the week… (I’m not sure why the teasers are always dark or creepy. I do have funny moments in my story.  Honest.)


Invisible hands squeezed her heart and tugged, trying to rip it from its bone cage.  Azer gasped and pressed her hand to her chest.  Her heart still beat.  Alone.


She yanked the comforter over her head and curled into a ball.  Darkness wrapped icy fingers around her body.  Slowly, her mind eased its grip on her sadness.  Nothing could bother her here, in this place.  No demands.  No loss.  Just numbness.


Hugs and Encouragement!!