November 28th, 2010


Marvelous Monday (The Forgotten Friday Five)

I’m back!  I missed you guys.  I know I did not comment on everyone’s post, but I did read them.  Promise!  I forgot to do my Friday Five, so I’m doing it today and calling it Marvelous Monday …


I had a great Thanksgiving. My mom came up from Texas and a friend came over.  We ate and laughed and ate some more.  I watched the Purina Dog Show.  I LOVE the dog show. The commentators are soooo freaking funny.  (No, I did not eat or bake cake.  My mom is not a cake eater.  I made an apple crisp.)


I saw two fun movies: Morning Glory and Tangled.


I got new dining room chairs. Trust me, they’re needed.  And I got new bath towels. Thank you mom!


I went to the bookstore THREE times.  I felt like a pig in slop, pure heaven. 


I finished the last few pages of Diyari Chronicles.  I am doing another sweep through before I send it off for critiques. (I’m nervous.)  While Diyari is being dissected, I will return to The Collector. (No rest for the weary.)  So below is your last DC teaser for a while …


Nathan stepped closer to Azer.

“Aarom.”  Nathan nodded.  “Thank you for protecting my girl.”

“Duty called,” he said with failed indifference.

Aarom and Nathan glared at each other.

“Okay, pissing contest over,” Azer snapped.  She tapped Nathan’s chest, it bowed under her touch.  “We’ve got the spiritual world to save.  Where is the other Protector? And is he  . . .” She pointed to the body on the floor.

“She’s with me.”  Aarom tilted his head toward a tunnel. 

“Great.”  She moved closer to the body.  “Please tell me he’s not dead.”