December 3rd, 2010


Friday Five

I FINALLY finished grading 70 2-page papers written by freshman college students.  Happy days are here again. 


If you’ve ever wondered how many psychologists it takes to change the tail light of a Honda Civic, I have the answer. TWO.   And of course the light bulb has to want to change.  J (Thank J.P. for helping me.)


I baked ginger snaps.  They are one of my favorite cookies to make in the fall and winter. Yummo!


I met more people at my new job.  Everyone is soooo nice. It’s like someone cloned Pollyanna 25 times (and named half of them Kathyrn, Kate, or Katie).  I already have a magnet on the In/Out board. A magnet. *sniffles*  AND I had “welcome aboard” emails. *wipes tear* (I don’t officially start working until December 20th , but I’m participating in trainings a few hours each week.)


Tonight at 12:01 (Yes, technically Saturday.) I will be a VERY HAPPY person.  Twilight Saga: Eclipse is released on DVD.  I’m having a DVD release party at my house tomorrow night. Squeeeeeee! (Okay! Enough with the eye rolling.)




(There is no teaser of any kind this week because 1) Diyari Chronicles is with critiquers (Surprisingly none of them has emailed to tell me their eyes are bleeding. I will take that as a good sign.  See?  Optimism.) and 2) Due to my imprisonment by 70 undergraduate papers I did not touch or think about The Collector.  Next week there will be a teaser. Promise.)


Hugs & Encouragement!