December 5th, 2010


Really? Seriously?

Apparently Westmore Baptist church--infamous for picketing military funerals and other events they deem unsavory--is picketing my church today.  You know, Journey Church?  The church that loves everyone. The church that I have posted videos of the leadership team doing silly videos. The church that gets involved with community agencies and helps them fulfill their goals. The church that just raised $150,000 in three weeks to help build a hospital in Haiti.  The church that helped establish a school in Haiti BEFORE the earthquakes.  The church that denounces the fire and brimstone approach to a Christian life. The church that just explained what confession is REALLY about.  (Talking about FREEING.) Our pastor said he is not sure WHY the "church" is mad at us. The best we can guess is we LOVE people too much. Heaven knows loving people can be a BAD thing. Seriously? Really? *shakes head*