December 17th, 2010


Friday Five

Kid Quote (From an 11-year-old GIRL):  It’s okay to be proud about your religion, just like it’s okay if you’re a guy and you’re proud of your penis. I just ask that you don’t shove it down my throat. (She goes to church, btw.)


I did gift exchange with Alli and J.P. this week.  There is nothing like driving a little kid around in an oversized cardboard box. (No, I did not give her a cardboard box. I gave her a Shel Silverstein book.)


Classes are over!!!!! Happy Dance.


I have two Christmas parties and a surprise birthday party to attend tomorrow. (It’s hard being popular and in demand.)


I edited about 40 pages of The Collector.  So here is your teaser:


“You have Mr. Pratt, first period. Yikes. He’s hardcore.”

“Lucky me.  Hardcore at nine a.m.” I give a weak smile and don’t even try to tone down the sarcasm.

“Just study hard, keep your answers short, and duck.”


“You’ll learn.” Tom stops this side of a classroom door. “Well, this is it.” He explains the layout of the school and then pivots, leaving me alone in the hall.


I step inside the classroom just as the bell rings. Before the door closes, a boy brushes past me and darts towards a chair. A small nerf-like ball flies through the air, hitting him between the shoulder blades.

“Late, Mr. Williams!”

“That’s assault and battery,” the boy says sliding into his seat as laughter erupts.

“Yeah? Sue me. You know better than to be late to my class.”

The teacher’s voice is deep and austere, and his furrowed brow says he is by-the-book.  In short, everything about him makes Hitler seem warm and fuzzy.