December 21st, 2010


Beauty And Power . . .

Last night (actually, this morning) I hopped out of bed (well, more like moaned and creaked out of bed), shoved my feet into sneakers, grabbed my coat and headed outside. Why? At 2:40 AM (EST) a lunar eclipse began. This mornings was particularly rare because Winter Solstice was occurring within 24 hours.  The two events together are rare.

I wanted to get a wonderful picture, something that would garner oooohhhh's and ahhhhhh's.  This is what I got...

I know, right?

But what I saw was this...

I KNOW, right?

As I crept back to my apartment under the glow of a red moon, I thought....wait for it..."It is so hard to catch the beauty of life, what I experience, through a lense.  If I had one of those telescopes with a camera...MAN! I just needed more power."  I stopped. Smiled. 

Isn't writing about capturing the real beauty of life, what we experience?  And how often do we stare at the words on the screen and see something akin to blackness, disappointed we just didn't catch it?  SO...we find stronger words, something with more power.

Okay, back to bed I go...
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