May 17th, 2013


Friday Five

I know...I know. It's been FOREVER! One word-LIFE.

but I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. Here are my TOP FIVE great things this week.

1) Monday I sat outside on my patio. The sun was beautiful. The temperature perfect. Geese were feeding their young, I did my daily was a day that made you appreciate life in all its beauty and simplicity. So often I'm running from one place to the other I don't get so see ALL the great things around me.

2) Though I was trapped inside all day Wednesday because it was raining, I managed to keep myself entertained.

3) Book club meets on Saturday. We read Under the Never Sky by Rossi. It was...nope, I'll show you how I felt about the book.
I grabbed my phone, heart thumping as I dialed A's phone number. I had to tell her. It couldn't wait. "I just finished the book." "That's good," she said. "I was prepared to skip book club this week because I have friends comin in to town. But then I read the book...this book." She laughed. "Oh, I soooo need to talk about this book. I took notes. Notes!" "Wow." She laughed again. "So, I can either bring my friends with me or you and have to meet up to talk about the book. Either way, I need to process. I need to talk."

4) My friends from Texas will be here in...oh, about 4 hours. They are coming to help me as a recover from surgery. (Nothing life threatening. I'm fine. It was a surgery I knew was in my future the minute I turned 30. One word--Genetics.)

5) Okay, this is trypically where I add a writing teaser, but I'm not going to today. (Yes, I wrote some this week.) And sometimes I do a favorite song of the week. But not today. (Though I do have some favorites at the moment.) Today...I'm going shameless. Now, keep in mind, I RARELY watch TV. But since I am stuck at home for one month and can't read and write 24/ TV has been on a little more than usual. I saw this commercial and LOVED it. (If you've see it, you may enjoy another look). I actually buy this item...and not because of the commercial. (However, I may keep buying this item BECAUSE of the commercial. *wiggles eyebrows*)

Hugs, Encouragement, and DFTBA (Don't Forget to Be Awesome!)