June 13th, 2013


Friday Five

I know, I know…I dropped off again. It’s been a crazy few weeks. But we’ll focus on this week.

I returned to work. Part time. I’m glad it’s a slow return. Four hours does me in.

I received my season’s ticket for the theater this past week. The upcoming year I will be seeing Wicked, Chicago, Sister Act, etc. So excited.

My mother sent me a lovely summer dress. (Sure it’s made for someone four inches taller than I. It’s the thought that counts.)

I wrote three days this week. Proof…
I stare at the torn manila envelope on the floor, the carefully written address, my name in capital letters. There’s no return address.
When did she send it? How long did it wait in my school mailbox until it was rescued by my roommate?

Hugs & Encouragement . . . DFTBA