June 20th, 2013


Friday Five

I remembered! (Of course, I meant to do at least one more blog this week and that didn't happen. Oh well! Next week is another opportunity.)

So the five top things of the week . . .

I had dinner with a good friend this week. The dinner was not so good, but the conversation was great.

I was able to work longer hours this week. Still recovering.

Discovered a lovely new recipe: Smore bars. UH-MAZE-ING! (And simple.) And I will drop this little bit of useless information because it involves chocolate and Smores have chocolate. Apparently there was a study that showed that the "females like chocolate" statement is actually backed by biology. If a pregnant woman eats chocolate, her female fetus will become active. Male fetuses show little or no arousal. So . . . this justifies my purchasing of chocolate. Clearly it is a NEED.

It is that time of year again...So You Think You Can Dance. You know what that means! One of my favorite dances this week was the Top Ten Guys...

I added more to my story. Wooohooo! Check it out...

I sit down, hard, knees pulled to my chest, and arms wrapped around myself. A chill has settled over me, seeping into my skin. I know this chill. It speaks of a darker time in my life. A time I with blurry lines and out of focus images.

My thoughts seem . . . slippery. Darkness creeps toward me, expands. I shiver, teeth rattle. I push against this invisible cloak that I know too well.

I’m not crazy.

I can keep it together.

Hugs & Encouragement...DFTBA