July 11th, 2013


Friday Five

I remembered!

I have book club this weekend! Book Club always makes me happy. We read Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow. And I won't say anything else.

I was able to do a little more than just walk this week. Trust me, it's nothing like my presurgery workouts...but it's more than a 20 minute walk that is so slow my body can't even consider breaking a sweat. I sweated. Wooohooo!

So this week I am cheating. I am using two spots in the top five for So You Think You Can Dance. I was shocked by the judges decision to send home Jasmine H. But I can't say I was upset about Jade exiting. The following two dances were my favorite. Take a look.

I did some more writing. I officially have 11,000 words. Not sure how that happened, but I will accept it graciously. Can't wait to see 50,000. It's all about baby steps. So, this is my tease of the week...

I smile. I always knew Reece wanted to do better in school. This is proof. I lean back; the warmth from the wood bench presses against me, soothing my aching muscles. Each word I read makes me realize just how much I miss my sister, how much I've missed my sister. Not just over the past two months. No, I've missed her for years, since before--. On these pages, I hear echoes of the Reece I used to know. The one who would sneak into my room because she was scared and then beg me to tell her a ghost story. The one who smiled and laughed recklessly. The one who loved life. The one who looked at our father like he hung the moon each night and set the sun in motion each morning. Yes. Reece before . . . He died. She died . . . slowly. I can see it, now. Clearly. On the pages she is present and in life she is absent.