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Friday Five

1. This morning I’m attending the last joint Behavioral Health Team meeting for Child Guidance. (For new people to my blog, Oklahoma cut many positions in their Child Guidance program. June 30th is my last day.) No, that is not reason to celebrate. What I'm taking for dessert is the reason to celebrate. Meet Death By Chocolate: brownies (homemade), chocolate mousse, Heath chips, and whipped cream. Isn’t that a great way to die?


2. Kid quote: Six-year-old

“Mom, I got Crayon marker all over my hand. I’m never washing my hand again.”

“Yes, you will. The next time you go to the bathroom.”

“Oh, yeah, I will. I’m not a German.”


Oh shucks, I’ll give you another: Eight-year-old

“Who are you? Why are you up in my business?”

“I’m your counselor.”

“So you get to be nosey?”



3. Warren Theatre announced the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie tickets will go on sale at 10 am on May 14, 2010. Guess where I and other fanatics will be at . . .  oh . . . hmmm . . . 7 am’ish?  But wait, there’s more! Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be released November 18, 2011.


4. My friend Holly has been taking classes in an aesthetician program for the past year. She won first place (a GOLD medal) in the state-wide competition for make-up artistry. (I predicted she would win at the city and state level. Hello, I’m Oracle of Delphi.) She goes to Nationals in June. Her face art was inspired by AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells. It was TNT, Dynamite!!!! 


5. For the first time in four weeks I have no plans for Saturday. Correction. I do have plans. They involve me sitting on my fanny, wearing my pj’s all day (showering around 6 pm and putting on a new pair), and watching stupid movies on t.v. Hello sofa!!!!


Hugs & Encouragement!


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