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For anyone watching the national weather yesterday or today you will learn that a series of severe storms pummeled Oklahoma. Last night at five o'clock (the start of rush hour) a series of tornadoes came through the state. Norman, OK where I live had two tornadoes on the same road. The storn traveled down Hwy 9, where the national weather center resides (one mile west of me), where I live, and a host of my friends live further east. The weather center lost windows and shingles. My apartment complex lost power (I'm at a friend's house), trees, fences The small road leading to my friend's house, just half a mile away, shows the devestation. Roofs are gone, trees look like broken bones, benches from the family game center litter the street. Three cars were tossed into a ditch on the side of the road My friend's neighborhood? Not a single person has all of their fence.Trees are laying on  top of roofs. We were the lucky ones. My friend is at 24th and Hwy 9. At 36th and Hwy neighborhoods were leveled. Many roads are closed because lines are down and trees blog passage. Most of my friends are staying in hotels are at a friend's house. All of my friends are alive and unharmed. A miracle given the severity and abrupt appearance of the storm.

Keep everyone here and around the world who has come in contact with aVERY ANGRY Mother Nature in your thoughts and prayers.
I'm off to work. (Oh and I seem to have lost my voice . . . I sound like a frog.)
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