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Friday Five

Obviously number one for the week is: I and my friends survived the May 10, 2010 tornado. *kisses ground*


I got to see Alli show off her mad roll over skills. She can roll from her back to stomach. AND she squealed with excitement (that’s how I choose to see it) when I read some of my writing to her and her mom.


J.P. and I have been friends for approximately 15-years. That’s a long time to put up with my shenanigans and intellectualizing. Thank You, J.P. (I’m still not doing that post. J)


I experienced another self-inflicted emotional crisis regarding my writing. No, that's not the celebration part. I'm celebrating this: no matter how much whine and complain and tell myself I suck at this writing thing, I always crawl to my computer the next morning. I make amends. I trudge forward. I’m a masochist . . . um, a writer.


I have a great critique partner that puts up with my whining and complaining and tells me to stop saying I suck. Thank You! 


Hugs & Encouragement!  

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