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I Am No Longer LOST

Wait just a second . . . Sorry about that. I needed to finish sniffling and scratching my head. Six years of theorizing came to a close last night. I am sad and pleased and confused about the LOST season finale. I laughed. I yelled. I sniffled. I celebrated actually guessing some of the ending (Hurley was the protector!). I was pleased that LOST stayed true to form, leaving viewers thinking, yearning for a few more answers. (Remember this when you write a story. You don’t have to tie every lose end.)



First I want to address a misconception about the point of LOST. Many people got it wrong on message boards. The show was not a bad remake of Who Shot J.R.? The island was real. Everything that happened on the island, happened. People survived the plane crash. The Sideway timeline was Purgatory. It was a mental construct, allowing each character an opportunity to realize their death. When everyone met up in the church in the finale, it meant that everyone had finally died. Christian Shephard said, “everyone dies at some point in time . . . then and now, do not exist in this place . . . you created this meeting place so you could find each other once you died.”


Jimmy Kimmel had a nice theory on his Aloha to LOST show that aired afterward. He believed the season six opening episode revealed that Jack had died. For you Losties out there, watch the opening scene with everyone on the plane. When the plane hit turbulence, Jack gripped the armrests, eyes squeezed tight. After the plane regained control, Rose told Jack, “You can let go now. You can let go.” (I know!)


The things I loved about the finale and LOST in general:

  1. The show allowed people of different religious backgrounds to apply their beliefs about death and redemption, relying heavily on the idea that you cannot enter the light until you accept your death.


  1. Redemption remained a central element. In the sideway timeline you saw each character face his or her demon. Some made better choices. Now I understand the character had changed on the island, so we saw the changed person in the Sideway timeline. Those who failed to make better choices did not enter the church (the light).


  1. Every detail had a purpose. Names, books, numbers, songs, television shows . . . if it was mentioned or shown, it foreshadowed events or added to the characterization.


  1. LOVE is redemptive. Each person on the island began as lost, flawed beings, not feeling loved or knowing how to love. On the island they learned to trust and love. They were not able to accept their death until they felt love.


  1. The ending came full circle, resurrecting two images from the season one pilot episode. First, LOST began with Jack Shephard’s eye opening. LOST ended with Jack Shephard’s eye closing. (This made Jimmy Kimmel believe LOST was Jack’s redemption story. (I’ll have to chew on this some more, but it’s a good theory)). Second, Jack said, “If we can’t live together, we will die alone.” In the end they all learned to live together and love each other. They entered the light together.


Well done, LOST producers! Does anyone need a television? I won’t be using mine anymore. J


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