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Tasty Thursday: A Simple Treat

Today's post serves three functions. First, it is proof that I don't make everything from scratch.  Second, it proves I am an equal opportunity sweet consumer.  And three, it offers you the opportunity to experience a little bit of heaven before you die.  That is a tall order for one post, you say.  I love a challenge! 

1. You will need these three things and a cookie sheet, which you will see later.  Your oven should be preheated according to crescent cooking instructions.    

2. Then you need a dollop of Nutella on each crescent roll.

3. Lick your finger after every dollop.  This ensures the Nutella is up to par for every treat.  AND wash your hands after you do each "inspection.'  YES!  I don't care that you bake it in the oven. 

4. Now you will roll the crescent rolls, so they look like these...

5. Place them in the oven until they look like this...

6. Walk around the house at least two times.  Go on.  Shoo. (If you don't do this, you'll be seduced by the delicious smell and eat them too soon.  Patience.  Patience.)
7. Did you really walk around the house twice?  I think you're lying.  Nobody likes a liar...unless you've done something illegal and you want to avoid jail.  But that is another post.

8. Okay, now do this...

Yes, you have to put it on a cute plate. Presentation is 50% of the eating experience.  (I totally pulled that statistic from the sky. BUT I know that we do 'eat' with our eyes as well as with our mouth. SO...presentation is part of the experience.  Along these lines, you may wish to make a powdered-sugar glaze. If so, I suggest powdered sugar, milk, a hint of almond extract and rosted slivered almonds.

9. Take a bite.

10. Experience this in your mouth...

   No, not eating Charlie Brown characters. That's creepy.  Experience a party.  Geez! I have to spell out everything. 

OH! I forgot one ingredient. BUT you will only use it if you are serving this to friends.
  Splash some on your face, set an exhausted look on your face, and walk into the room carrying the yummy goodness. Your friends will think you slaved all day.  What? I said nobody likes a liar?  *laughs* You aren't lying.  You are offering evidence that supports you MAKE and serve the best for your friends.  See the difference?
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