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Friday Five . . . And Pimpage

I got a job!  I know, right?  I don’t start until I finish teaching classes in mid-December.


I read MG book The Familiars by Epstein and Jacobson.  The wizards are kidnapped by a, say it with me, “wicked witch.”  The familiars--an alley cat, blue jay, and tree frog—have to save them before a protection spell breaks.  There was plenty of laughs and gasps and high-speed page flipping.   


The test averages for all three of my classes has finally gone up.  I suffer from no delusions.  The upward trend has nothing to do with me.  I think the persons making the test finally got the right formula. OR my students are starting to freak out because classes end in … five weeks.


I made invites for the THIRD annual Twilight Saga DVD release.  Now, I need the weather to cooperate. Last year the event was cancelled due to ice and snow.  If you’re wondering, Eclipse comes out December 4, 2010. If you couldn’t care less, that’s okay, I love you anyway. J


I am 100 pages into my Diyari Chronicles revisions. What? You’re wondering why I’m doing revisions again?  I made a number of changes in the last draft and I want to make sure things still fit together before I send it to my critiquers. Here is one section I really, really, like.…


Mr. Frasier’s office door, tucked between two bookshelves in the study, loomed before Azer. The longer she stood there, the taller and wider it became, stressing the hinges, pulsing in the doorframe. She squeezed her eyes closed, shook her head and inhaled deeply.  Slowly, she opened her eyes, taking in the door that was like any other door, no bigger, no wider.  She stepped forward, fist clenched, ready to knock.  She paused.  The minute she entered the office, her life would be irrevocably changed for better or worse. She knocked. Waited.  She heard the prompt and slowly entered. 

And now the pimpage portion of the Friday Five.  At some point in time today, my interview with the Terri-Lynne DeFino...a.k.a. Queen of Sparkle,[info]bogwitch64,  will be up at Apex, so check it out. And next week I will be giving away a copy of her debut book, Finder. I LOVE giving gifts. And I LOVE celebrating friends.

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