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Question: Santa Please Bring Me....

Before I ask my question, I just want you to know that last night I slept like this . . .

Why?  Because I have released Diyari Chronicles into the hands of critiquers. No more mulling over: "What is the point of this scene?" or "Do I want to say: ran, sprinted, or dashed?" or "How did I decide to spell Bob?"  I have turned that job over to VERY BRAVE critiquers. See?  I am sooo selfless. I am all about sharing the, I mean...the fun.

Now to my question.  This past weekend I went to the book store THREE times and I did not buy a single book for myself.  Nope. I have high hopes that Santa will grant my request this year. I want the Tithe Trilogy by Holly Black and Falling Up by Shell Silverstein.

What two books do you hope Santa brings you?

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