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Pimpage/Contest AND the (Late) Monday Question

(Sorry if the formatting is wacky. It's LJ. It keeps jacking with the spacing.) Once again I’m exposing my book addiction. This post is for a contest in celebration of Brenna Yavonoff’s second book, The Space Between. (Clicky to learn more about the contest.) Brenna shared her MC’s theme song (I have done the same thing here. Glad I’m not the only one who picks theme songs.) And then she asked for MY, er . . . rather, her readers’ theme song…a la Ally McBeal. Actually, she made no reference to Ally McBeal. That’s all me. I picked MY theme song around the time Ally made it cool. (No, it dose not involve a hallucination of a dancing baby. Sorry to disappoint.) I picked this song when I was in a VERY overwhelmed and sad time in graduate school. I wanted a song that captured the true me. I wanted a song that could serve as a personal reminder that things ALWAYS get better. So, without further ado . . . Headed In The Right Direction by India Arie. (Here's the YouTube link because the image keeps disappearing:



Even if you don’t enter her contest, but I hope you do. I want to know: WHAT IS YOUR THEME SONG?*





*This serves as my Monday question that I totally forgot to post. Sorry I hijacked your idea Brenna. But hey, imitation is the best flattery, right?



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